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What we offer our happy customers

We offer safe, complete and professional attic cleaning. As well as insulation and thermally resistant barriere. Bring your home comfort and security for your family. 

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a unique insulation and sealing product. The product is applied on site so it conforms to the surface where it is applied. Spray foam insulation is typically composed of a polyurethane-type liquid that, when combined with air, expands to fit in the interior of stud attics, crawlspace, walls as well as rafter and joist spaces, this process creates a tight building envelope, which improves energy efficiency.

commercial services

Need help with major projects?

As a company with a great reputation, we are excited to work along with Real Estate Developers, Commercial Developers, and major corporations. Connect with us today!

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Pro Attic Restoration

Our Professional Work

Pro Attic Restoration offers the best service in residential and commercial building restoration.

Our experts will carry out the free inspection to the client in order to identify the problem and make the best market quote.


We have a track record of years in this type of service. We can tell you all the cases we have seen over the years. Our experts can do the best job of getting rid of bats in homes and attics as well as highlighting the removal of large bats in buildings, churches, corporations, and universities.

We have the right equipment to deal with the problem you want to eliminate.

We also work in the structural sealing, substitution, and elimination of any insulation, we have tools to reach any space of restricted access

We take care of cleaning and sanitation of your attic, as with any repair of air ducts, we have equipment for thermal imaging inspection

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Insulate your home with spray foam today! Save money on hot or cold days.